Saturday, June 8, 2013

Goats on the Roof?

             In the South there have been some creative ways of enticing people off the road and into establishments. Think “See Rock City” emblazoned on bright red barns.
            But Goats on the Roof?
             In Tiger, Georgia, you can’t help but pull over for this attraction. Several goats are indeed on the roof — or roofs, all of which are attached by swinging bridges. Why? Heck, why not?
            Here’s how it works. You purchase goat food from the gift shop or Big Billy’s Café and Sweet Treats. Place the goat food into one of the many cups attached to a pully that leads up to a roof. Some of the pulleys are simple and some require some work, such as the bicycle, that moves the can of food up to the goat as you pedal.
            As you can imagine, the goats on the roof look down with glee once they hear those pulleys moving. They practically eat the cup when it finally arrives. 
             As crazy as it seems, the attraction’s a lot of fun. Kids love to ride the bicycle that moves the cup of food and witness the goats going crazy once the food arrives. And in addition to the goats, kids can mine for “gems” in a faux mining station or enjoy really awesome fudge inside the café (OMG, the red velvet cake!). There’s a picnic area, and food is available in the café and store.
             Before you pick up the phone to call PETA, the owners assured us the goats are well cared for and aren’t starving, despite their eager show on the roof — hey, that’s what goats do, eat everything! The goats rotate out so their stay on the roof is temporary and they have lovely goat quarters up there.
            Looking for a unique wedding site? Goats on the Roof is available for all kinds of special events.


  1. Hilarious! Makes me want to take a drive to Georgia.

  2. I loved it. Thought it was so much fun.

  3. Great place. They have the best boiled pnuts too.