Saturday, August 2, 2014

Steamy August is time for a "Beer-Cation"

            There are staycations (where you vacation close to home), fun-filled playcations and the old-fashioned vacation, defined by Webster as “a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel.”
            Well credit the South for coming up with “Beer-cation.”
            It’s the brainchild of the Virginia Blue Ridge region, famous for its delicious wine industry. Not to be outdone by the almighty grape, six participating breweries in the Roanoke area have created the Virginia Blue Ridge Beer Loop and are offering a “Hop on the Loop” sweepstakes this month in honor of Virginia Craft Beer Month.
            During August, craft beer enthusiasts who visit six participating breweries and have their card validated will be entered to win gift certificates and merchandise. Visitors that receive validation from all six breweries will be eligible for $150 in gift certificates to the participating breweries. For those who visit three or more locations from Aug. 1-31, there are more prizes to be won.
            Of course, you must be 21 or older to partake and/or win.
            Participating breweries in “Virginia’s Blue Ridge Beer Loop” are Big Lick Brewing Company, Callaway Brewing Company, Chaos Mountain Brewing, Flying Mouse Brewery, Parkway Brewing Company and Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers.
             A downloadable brochure with details about the sweepstakes and brewery information can be found here.

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