Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Please bring our Blue Bell back!

I love Blue Bell ice cream, and I will take every chance to brag about how I visited the Blue Bell Creameries and got to taste ice cream fresh off the line before it was hard freezed for delivery. Not to mention that if you take the creamery tour in Brenham, Texas, you get free samples in the ice cream parlor at tour’s end.
Talk about heaven.
When the recalls started in April, when some of the Blue Bell ice cream was found containing listeria strains and pulled from the shelves, I had just purchased two gallons from Walgreens, which was having a sale (keep this in mind for future purchases for they do this regularly). I checked the numbers on the bottoms of my ice cream and found that they were not part of the recall. Naturally, I ate every last bite.
My mother did too.
There are few things in life more scary than being out of Blue Bell.
Unfortunately, the company closed down its production temporarily and the stock was pulled from shelves all over the South. It was a sad day for ice cream lovers.
I’ve been hearing rumblings that Blue Bell is back in business. Just to show you how much Southerners love their Blue Bell, Dan E. Roberts posted a photo to Facebook of three Blue Bell trucks on the highway and that photo, as of Monday afternoon, was shared 54,049 times and I actually saw the numbers move as I wrote this.
          And then...the bad news. Blue Bell posted this to Facebook:
You may have noticed a few photos or videos of our trucks on the roads recently. Unfortunately they are not out delivering ice cream…yet. These trucks are making their way back to markets that remain open and will be used once we begin distributing ice cream to stores again. As a fan of our Facebook page you will be one of the first to know when we do announce our return to stores. Thanks for your support!
          I'm heartbroken and I'm not alone. Worse, could the lack of Blue Bell ice cream also be the reason for the deluge that hit Texas? One has to wonder.

But while we are on the subject, Blue Bell is located in one of the most scenic and historic regions of Texas. Known as Brenham/Washington County, the region is located halfway between Houston and Austin on Hwy. 290 and is the site of the “Birthplace of Texas.” The historic town of Brenham and surrounding countryside includes more than 30 bed and breakfasts, nine hotels, four wineries, antiques shops, botanical gardens, live theater, summer festivals, museums and so much more. Even if you can’t tour the Blue Bell Creameries, there are so many great reasons to visit.
Hopefully, Blue Bell will be up and running soon and you’ll be able to taste that delicious ice cream as well. For more information on Brenham/Washington County, visit www.visitbrenhamtexas.com/.

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