Friday, July 1, 2016

Shark-Con: Come on in, the water's fine

They have –cons for everything these days. Comic-Con International is the country’s longest continuously run comics and popular arts convention, happening July 21-24 in San Diego. Bouchercon world mystery convention will be Sept. 15-18 in New Orleans, bringing together top mystery writers.
 Now, there’s Shark Con. Can you hear the John Williams music playing?
Shark-Con “…brings those who love the ocean together for a weekend of education and the fun of a Comic-Con,” according to the event’s website.
And then it terrorizes you.
The fun happens July 9-10, 2016, at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa with activities for children from nonprofit partners Sharks4Kids, Tampa Bay Watch and Shark Angels, lectures and more than 100 vendor booths. Dr. Ellen Prager will host Shark Trivia, visitors can dig for shark teeth and SharkSUP will teach stand-up paddleboard techniques (don’t fall in?).
It's all a nice ending to Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” happening now.
If you’d rather let your imagination run wild, Steve Alten has published a new MEG novel (short for Carcharodon Megalodon) that centers around a 70-foot, 50-ton prehistoric version of our modern-day Great White shark. This according to the author’s press release:
“A Megalodon’s jaws were so large they could devour an elephant in two bites, aided by over 100, 7-inch razor-sharp serrated teeth that the sharks used to feed on whales. And if that doesn’t scare you, consider this — Carcharodon Megalodon may still be out there.”
I’ll definitely read that before heading to the beach.
Alten and his novel, “MEG: Nightstalkers,” the first and latest book in the series, and a mass market paperback re-release of the novel that started it all, “MEG,” will make an appearance at Shark-Con. The NY Times and International best-selling author of 16 novels, including the “MEG” series and the No. 1 international best-selling “Domain” series about the Mayan doomsday calendar, suffers from Parkinson so his appearance is a rare treat.
            Want to see a book trailer for Alten’s latest. Click here.

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