Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In Texas, like everything else, the art is really big!

            They say everything in Texas is bigger. In Eastland, west of Dallas, that includes artwork.
            You’ll spot what we mean the minute you leave the interstate for a Blizzard at the Diary Queen — a giant Campbell’s Soup Can that would have been courtesy of Andy Warhol if he had created it himself exists just off the exit ramp.
            The soup can is one of numerous pieces of giant art placed throughout Eastland. The artwork first began as a class assignment and turned into a community-wide project, according to the town’s tourism web site. Each piece of art — classic artwork blown up large — also includes a story of the painter and the piece. Artwork includes those by Norman Rockwell, Dr. Seuss, Van Gogh and Mary Cassatt, to name a few.
            To travel through Eastland and view these dozens of massive art pieces, stop by the Chamber of Commerce for a map — or the soup can next to Dairy Queen on the Interstate Service Road. For more information, visit
            As an FYI, the town named for Texas Ranger and San Jacinto hero Captain William N. Eastland was founded in 1891. Its growth occurred in 1917 when oil was discovered here.

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