Friday, May 30, 2014

Something weird in the air this spring

            Let’s call this a weird South spring.
            Someone recently posted to a Louisiana Freecycle that they have a pet rabbit to give away, but only to be used as a PET. As they say, nothing on legs is safe in the South.
I am not a gumbo!
     In South Florida, a man tried to break into his Ex’s house by slipping down the chimney like Santa Claus and got stuck. Emergency teams had to dismantle the chimney to free the man. I’ll bet the Ex had wished they had dismantled HIM. See the video here.
     Also in Florida after enjoying two cases of beer, a man stabbed his friend AND his dog over the last can of Natural Ice beer. He claimed self-defense. Wouldn’t you? Check out his handsome mug here.
     The winner goes to New Orleans socialite and philanthropist Marycathyrn "Mickey" Easterling, who was known for her wild hats and lifestyle and relentless support of the arts. She passed away in April but that wasn’t the last of Mickey. She later appeared at the  “party to celebrate her life” at New Orleans’ Saenger Theater. In addition to her favorite foods and cocktails being served at the party was Easterling dressed to the max with her trademark hat, seated on a bench. Check out the photos of Mickey live in the afterlife here.

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  1. Leave it to New Orleans to have a corpse appear at a party. Truly weird south!