Monday, June 9, 2014

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

            Russian-born entertainer Yakov Smirnoff has been making funny as well as artwork for the past few decades plus he owns a theater in Branson where he make appearances when he's not on the road. We were there this past week listening to the Rankin Brothers perform, two incredibly talented musicians — and brothers — who can mimic numerous performers from the 1950s on. Their parents were seated next to us and so excited that we came to hear their boys play. 
            But back to the weird part.
            Upon visiting the Yakov ladies room, the first thing we spotted was a plaque upside the toilet dispenser that proclaimed “For Your Royal Hiney.” That was funny enough, but behind the throne was a curtain with a knob to the right. When you pull back the curtain, there’s a smiling Yakov watching you with the following announcement: “Take the curtain off the hook. The curtain falls and I won’t look.”
             We wondered if we were the only ones graced with his face, since no one else seemed to be giggling in the stalls. When we emerged from our business, however, it was clear all the ladies stalls had curtains and knobs waiting for them. So Yakov, your job hit its mark with us, if no one else noticed.

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